Why Invest In The Bahamas

10 reasons why you should invest in The Bahamas

  1. Close to key North, Central and South American financial centres.
  2. The world's largest economy is only 50 miles away.
  3. The Bahamas share time zone (EST) with Miami, New York and Toronto.
  4. Peaceful and stable democracy for almost 300 years.
  5. Independent nation since 1973.
  6. Life is less taxing for those who choose to live here. No personal of corporate income taxes and no taxes on capital gains, no inheritance tax, dividends or interest.
  7. Numerous Acts of Parliament offer ease of purchasing property with investment incentives and Permanent Residency.
  8. English-speaking, trained workforce.
  9. The ease of getting here with frequent daily U.S. Canada, London and several direct International flights.
  10. An ideal climate and lifestyle with modern infrastructure and world-class communications.