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Angelika Bacchus launched her real estate career in Eleuthera in 2006 after attending high school and university in Toronto and Montreal and spending nearly 20 years sailing around the world. Her passion for travel was ignited while working on a cruise ship and continued to deepen once she took to the sea for nearly a decade exploring Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa. Angelika’s knowledge of diverse cultures, knack for making friends out of strangers, and love and knowledge of Eleuthera, instantly earns the trust of her clients whether local or international. As an avid reader, she spends countless hours researching on behalf of her clients, making sure their home is a perfect match for their lifestyle goals. Even more valuable to her clients, however, is Angelika’s talent for handling sales and purchase transactions thoroughly, efficiently and tactfully. 

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Angelika Bacchus

Sunset House, Queens Highway
Governors Harbour, Eleuthera Bahamas